Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why Did Floetry Break Up?

By now, we all know that Floetry is no longer. They've been broken up since 2007. We've all speculated about the break up and we've heard tons of rumors, but never really got a real answer. As you some of you know and may not know, I interviewed Natalie "The Floacist" Stewart on Election Day for the blog and she called into my radio show on WOLB 1010 AM two weeks ago to talk about her new album The Floacist Presents: The Floetic Soul.

While interviewing Natalie on my radio show, I had to ask her the infamous "Are yall getting back together?" question that all the die hard Floetry fans have been dying to know. She explained to me that right now they aren't doing the same type of music, and if one day they did, then the door of Floetry are always opened. I got the impression that business wasn't right and she was kind of kicked to the curb. After the interview, I wondered to myself what was Marsha's take on it. There are always 3 truths, yours, hers and the TRUTH.

I wanted to know what Marsha had to say because for the most part,she's been tight lipped about the break up. She sings Floetry songs at all her shows. Check out what she had to say in this interview. Very interesting to say the least. She paints a picture that Natalie was harming herself and she was trying to be a supportive and helpful friend but Natalie was bringing her down. WOW! I don't know who to believe. Too bad their friendship wasn't salvageable. Hey... some people are in your life for different reasons and seasons. Apparently, their reason was to bring music to us on the solo tip. I enjoyed them while they lasted and enjoy their solo careers too.

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